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A front-end developer
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Hello! I am Afeef bin Abu Bakar, a fulltime front-end developer hailing from Sarawak located on the island of Borneo but is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started my web development journey in 2023 after two years of working as a radar maintenance engineer which is when I found out that I would rather pursue a career in software development.

When I am not coding, you can find me at the gym, playing video games, playing a guitar, or just out exploring the city.

I value


A keen eye for details and a passion for crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly websites.


Amidst the ever-changing tech landscape, I believe that being able to adapt to new challenges and requirements are essential.


Improvement. The compounding power of continuous improvement is why I make it a life-long commitment to continue learning.

What I've built

Faith Events project image

Implemented on-demand module for Faith Events, organizer of Islamic events in Malaysia, which allows user to purchase access to videos of past events.

Tech stack: Next.js, TailwindCSS

Let's get in touch

You can reach out to me through